What Are Epithelial Cells Definition ?

What Are Epithelial Cells Definition – There are several kinds of mesothelium cells. One of them is the epithelial cells.

What Are Epithelial Cells Definition ?

What Are Epithelial Cells Definition

Epithelial cell is a cell that has a definite structure with visible core. Epithelioid mesothelioma is one variant of the type of mesothelioma cancer. It is calculated 60 percent of all cases of mesothelioma. This type of mesothelioma develops since cancer cells inhalation into the mesothelial tissue. When examined under a microscope epithelial mesothelioma cell has a uniform form and resemble just like another normal cells. Mesothelioma epithelial cells also have similarities to adenocarcinoma cells were also still linked to the lung tissue.

A patient who was diagnosed adenocarcinoma also required to conduct an examination of epithelial mesothelioma, it is related to the similarity between these two cells. There are several variants of epithelial mesothelioma, one of them is papillary mesothelioma.

Types Of Epithelial Cells

And also still a lot of types of epithelial cells, such as : Seal Ring, Single File, adenoid cystic, glands, Tubulopapillary, Histiocytoid, Microcystic, Macrocystic, Glomeruloid, Diffuse – NOS, Small Cell, Deciduoid, pleomorphic. The Differences of those all kinds of epithelial cells is from the form, the size and also the formation of these cells. These things make a difference in efforts in accordance with the diagnosis of the patient’s treatment. After the inhalation of asbestos fibers and step into the human body, the fiber will spread easily. The dangerous substances will accumulate and lodged in the lung tissue and then will spread freely without limits. Because in the lining of the lungs, especially in the mesothelium membrane there is a lubricant contained substances that allow inhaled fibers spread to all parts of the network. Which will form like a needle in and out through the lungs over time. Which in the long term will lead to malignancy.

Mesothelioma period is in the range of 5 to 75 years. That means it will not directly diagnosed as a cancer after exposure to asbestos fibers, but the diagnosis of mesothelioma can be for a long time after exposure. The early mesothelioma symptoms resemble other respiratory diseases, especially mesothelioma occurs in the pleura or lung disease such as shortness of breath, chronic cough accompanied discharge of blood, chest pain, cold sweat which accompanied fever, drastic weight loss without cause clear, felt pain in during breathing, as well as the emergence of unusual lumps under the skin around the chest. At mesothelioma in the abdomen have similar symptoms that appear to be in the area around the abdomen. Diagnosis of mesothelioma is not easy to directly specified, but it takes some examination procedures such as biopsy, CT scan, and MRT.

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