Alternative Treatments For Mesothelioma Lung Cancer

Alternative Treatments For Mesothelioma Lung Cancer – As is known, until the most effective treatments for cancer is still unknown. But the recovery effort can be made, with reference to the stage of the cancer. Selection of treatment should also be adjusted with where cancer cells localized, whether in the chest cavity (pleura), or has spread to other tissues such as the abdominal cavity, diaphragm or to the lymph nodes. The patient’s age and health condition must also be considered in the planning treatment of mesothelioma. The type of treatment which is very often done is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Before deciding the treatments, the patient need to know in detail about the measures to be taken and assess the risk that would occur after the attempts has been made, after which the patient makes the final decision with regard to the treatment that will be done.

Alternative Treatments For Mesothelioma Lung Cancer

Treatment For Mesothelioma Lung Cancer

About 1 in 5 patients with pleural mesothelioma choose surgery for treatment. There are two main types of operations that can be done that is pleurectomy / decortication, in this process, the cancer cells in the all parts of the lung will be taken. Lots of people debating about mesothelioma surgery, although it has been shown to the victims of the long term almost entirely undergo various forms of surgery. A research has shown that pneumonectomy followed by radiation therapy is successful in preventing the recurrence of mesothelioma in chest, namely 80 to 85 percent. But it is a lengthy operation, intensified with complication rates 55 percent and 3 percent risk of death is higher in some institutions.

Therefore, this operation is only performed for a patient with a fairly good prognosis, and the cancer has not spread out of the chest cavity. Patients who effectively perform pneumonectomy the is young patient , in good health condition and of course the stage of the cancer is still localized in the pleura and not involve the lymph nodes. Pleurectomy or dedecortication have a high failure rate. There is no limit of the difference between the two operations on survival frate. End of debate is whether patients undergoing surgery would produce better  results ?, because those who perform the operation are patients who are most likely to do so. Since the surgery treatments were offered, it is more effective for the treatment of cancer, precisely at an early stage of cancer. And also produce significant results.

The next effort is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy commonly referred to as systemic therapy using drugs and infusion to kill cancer cells in the body. Chemotherapy is very well done before or after surgery, and also for patients who did not undergo surgery. Although not curative, chemotherapy proven to increase quality of life and relieve pain. The most common chemotherapy drugs used for mesothelioma are cisplatin in combination with pemetrexed (Alimta) or raltitrexed (Tomudex). Other combinations include gemcitabine, carboplatin or oxaliplatin. In addition, doctors usually instill drugs directly into the chest cavity called pleural chemotherapy procedure and in the abdomen called intraperitoneal chemotherapy. Patients can also get a second course of chemotherapy, the so-called “second-line” chemotherapy, with pemetrexed or other drugs, raltitrexed plus oxaliplatin, or a three-drug combination of irinotecan, cisplatin and mitomycin.

The treatment that is also important is the radiation therapy. These efforts included important things in the treatment of mesothelioma. Which became an obstacle is the closeness of the heart and lungs. It becomes extremely challenging to deliver the drug in high doses. However, intensive therapy is needed in the treatment of mesothelioma, to inhibit cancer cell to grow. The new breakthrough, the intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), this therapy is more accurate to protect healthy tissue, it must be in all forms of treatments are carried out by a doctor and cancer specialists.

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